I will protect the tools in the Farm Bill and Crop Insurance Program that positions Iowa Farmers for success. We must respect Iowa’s history and legacy, making certain that we demonstrate our thanks for Iowa Farmers. They are, and will continue to be, instrumental to the success of Iowa and the Midwest economy, particularly the small independent and family farmer. That’s why I am committed to ensuring Iowa’s independent farms remain vibrant and profitable. Additionally, we must invest in research and development to plan for the next generation of products and to create fields of opportunities for new and current farmers. We must also develop policies that encourage soil conservation – cover crops, buffer strips, extended rotations and more while working with rural and urban communities on water quality solutions.

To protect our rural communities we must invest in rural infrastructure and promote community bank lending for main streets and town squares in rural Iowa. We must also invest in our rural schools, hospitals, and job training programs that introduce workers with developing skills with employers needing workers. Finally, let’s help our communities not only develop activities that attract visitors – the arts, festivals, retail, or historical points of interest, but work with innovators on marketing these attractions to bring visitors and vibrancy to our rural communities.

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