Eddie Mauro is the progressive Democrat we need fighting for Iowa.

 Likely Democratic primary voters who are over the age of 50, especially in the Omaha media market, need to read and view digitally that Eddie Mauro is the progressive choice for Iowa’s third congressional district.

Eddie believes everyone should have access to affordable healthcare and will fight to make healthcare more affordable for our working families and will defend Obamacare.

Eddie will fight to keep the promise made to seniors by protecting Social Security and Medicare from Wall Street privatization.

He will defend our Democratic values by standing up to the dangerous Donald Trump and Paul Ryan agenda – including their push for Trumpcare, their attacks on Obamacare, and their tax cuts for the wealthiest.

Eddie Mauro is a progressive, pragmatic small business owner who will fight the Republican tax plan and fight for equal pay for equal work. He was among the first to offer paid family leave to his employees and when the recession hit, executives took a pay cut in order to avoid laying off any workers.



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